Breakbulk, Steel Cargo, Containers & Metals by Specialist ALWATANIA Stevedoring

Breakbulk, General Cargo, Steel, Container, Metals Handling & Storage
ALWATANIA Stevedoring & Warehousing specialises in Breakbulk. With more than 13 years of experience, we are a leading company in the Port-Sudan.

Handling and storage on basis free in, free out, liner in, liner out, liner hook, in & ex low bed railwaywagons all sorts of breakbulk & general cargo , such as goods on pallets, big bags, bundles, pre-sling cargoes, containers, containers out of gauge, open top containers, flatracks, cases, boxes, crates, timber, lumber, drums, non ferrous metals, ferro alloys, as well as steel loads such as wire rods, steel piles, steel coils, slabs, .

We are a private, independent terminal. We have strong expertise, short lines of communication and are very flexible. We are a logistics company and know a lot about our market. We have an experienced and quality-minded team. They can safely and quickly handle all your special and valuable cargo. We work with great care. With ALWATANIA , your cargo is in safe hands!

Flexible and Forwarders friendly

Many of our clients work in freight forwarding. Besides offering flexibility, we are also preferred by these parties because we stay away from ‘logistics activities’ like chartering ships or booking freight. We are 100% independent – meaning that there are no conflicts of interest. This is one of the reasons why when you work with us, you can count on full transparency, and on the confidential handling of your freight details or cargo documents.

Professional partners

Lashing, securing and dunnage, Unlashing, Unwelding, Cutting, Grinding, Welding will be done by professional partners against competitive rates. It’s also possible to use your own contractors for these jobs under certain conditions.
Further we can arrange all services like tally, supervision, weighing, rebundeling, repacking, palletising,